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What will we do?

We will equip budding Entrepreneurs in taking the First Step and imbibe an entrepreneurial culture in the system.


How will we do it?

  • Exploring the Pre – Idea stage: What Problem is the Idea trying to solve?
  • Epitomize Basics of Business by working with successful entrepreneurs
  • Funding Opportunities
  • Build the Business – Seeing the First Sale through

Building an Enterprise

One of the most challenging part in the process of building an enterprise is direction.


Stories & Ideas incubates startups by

1. Providing the right tools

    Know what it takes to run a business

2. Using the right tools

    Structure your company

3. Safeguarding

     Pre-empt pitfalls

4. Catalysts Process information.

     Seize opportunities.

5. Growing

     See the first deal happen


Manufacturing & Services

Industrial | Consumer | Digital

Food & Beverages

Smart choice food | Packaged | Retail


Retail| Brands | Experience


Management | Engineering | Entrepreneurship


It’s time! A nudge from someone who has been through it helps you to accelerate at the right time with an appropriate plan and well defined milestones.


Stories & Ideas helps entrepreneurs to

1. Build a road-map

     See end state and plan backwards

2. Raise growth finance

      Debt | VCs

3. Get new customers

     Access to network | Connect dots

4. Construct system driven enterprise

     Scalable models | Productive outputs

5. Source talent

     Get ready talent to propel