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Stories & Ideas Solutions
Can you help me manage Finance?

[ Y / N ]

Strategic Finance:

Deploy team to make P&L live

I don’t get right People to grow. Can you help me get a good team?

[ Y / N ]

People Function:

Campus drives and groomed talent from Stories & Ideas Coffee Classroom

I am not able to expand the business. Do you have solutions?

[ Y / N ]

Business Strategy:

Segments and go-to-market

BTL Marketing:

Expand markets and penetrate existing ones

My entire business is dependent on me and have no time at all. Can you help me?

[ Y / N ]

Business Strategy:

Efficiency and process flow identification

Operations Management:

Productivity improvement techniques

I have high cost loans. Can I do something?

[ Y / N ]

Strategic Finance:

Low cost restructuring

I am fed up with jobs change and relocation. Can you help me to start on my on?

[ Y / N ]

Business Strategy:

Identify new opportunities

I have an idea but don’t know where to start from. Can I meet you?

[ Y / N ]

Business Strategy:


According to me, I have a disrupting idea. I need 5 Crs to commercialize. Please find a VC fund for me?

[ Y / N ]

Belief : No body would like to invest if the promoters don’t have skin-in-the-game
Do you do recruiting?

[ Y / N ]

Belief : In new jobs creation. However can help on leadership appointment through internal network
I have to sell my products. Can you become my direct-sales-agent?

[ Y / N ]

Belief : Our model is different. However we can help to expand business


And solve these challenges together

SME Solutions

Business Strategy

What we will do?

When we construct a building, we don’t start digging at first. Architect does the on-ground survey and draws the blueprint. In similar way we build a plan which helps the business work on the specific areas.

Businesses grow when we sell more to existing customers or we sell to new customers. Identifying new segments and building action plans to influence consumption is important part of strategy.

Once the segmentation is done, drawing up a go-to-market plan with all channels becomes imperative.

Build for all and no one will buy. Build for one, everyone will buy! Understanding competitive landscape and plugging the right gap through right products make the models successful.

Resources are scarce and important. From source of funds to getting right set of people, all are critical features of the business plan.

Strategic Finance

What we will do?

Every business goes through the journey of self funding to debt to equity. Strategic Finance solution addresses the two important aspects of Finance Function – raising money and managing money

In raising money part, we work with businesses to raise money through various avenues, with a right mix of equity and debt. We endorse and practice personal equity first, private equity later approach.

Every enterprise intends to unlock value in the long run. Strategic Finance solutions works on entire project collaboration of SME IPO and handholds the business in the entire process

Businesses desire to grow and the growth has to be managed well. We build robust financial daily management solutions, helping entrepreneurs to free up the mind space from Finance Function.

Strategic Finance solutions works on both, resource deployment and process implementation.

BTL Marketing Management

What we will do?

Every brand, big or small, aspires to grow by reaching out to more customers. Marketing budgets in SMEs and Start-ups is just a wish. BTL Marketing solutions solves this urging need of SMEs and Start-ups fraternity to reach out their customers.

Marketing has two facets; above-the-line (ATL) marketing and below-the-line (BTL) marketing. Communication broadcasted on TV & Radio is ATL which all brand action on-ground, targeted to the specific consumers is scope under BTL

Businesses, with sharp focus on particular segment of customers, yield much higher dividends than otherwise. And communicating with those customers at the lowest possible cost is where BTL Marketing solutions come handy.

Key Accounts focus is an extension of the marketing initiatives of the brands. This particular initiative is agnostic of consumer or industrial businesses.

Operations Management

What we will do?

Multi-tasking is a strength that entrepreneurs develops over time. After a stage, when over leveraged, becomes a weakness

To beat that roadblock, business has to have processes where entrepreneur is a part of the system, and s/he is not a system himself

Operations Management spearheads some of the successful model such perpetual inventory control systems, gross margins returns on resources and other productivity improvement procedures to make life of the entrepreneur east.

Operations Management solutions have successful models for shop-floors and focuses on driving efficiency in the business.

People Function

What we will do?

Popularly called HR! HR sounds transactional; People sounds personal!

One of the top problems highlighted by businesses is getting the right talent. People Function solutions is one of the flagship service subscribed for, for it’s popular and effective offerings.

Organisational structure design and campus drives helps the businesses to groom and recruit talent. We take SMEs to campus like second generation of IIMs where they and students both get to explore the opportunities on hand

Standardising every action through policies, setting up KRAs and Reviews mechanism, gives SMEs a structural growth roadmap in the important function of the business

People Function solutions have models that work in a factory to retail chains businesses and helps drive accountability, collaboration and leadership in the team